Automobio Magnetic Phone holder for CD Slot

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Secure Your Phone In Any Vehicle With A CD Player

Never Fumble For Your Phone Again!

Tired of the constant litany of grabbing your phone off the console to perform a quick task, only to put it back down again, then fumble around to pick it back up?

Simply slide the Automobio phone holder into your CD slot, mount up your smartphone, turn it to your most comfortable angle, and get the most from your phone without the hassle.

Introducing the Automobio Magnetic Phone holder for CD Slot:

Fits into any CD slot

Navigate your commute with increased safety

Easy one hand operation

Key Features

  • One Size Fits All: You can use the Automobio to mount just about any smartphone or GPS device, whether it be an iPhone, Android, TomTom, Windows or what have you. It even works on phones with protective cases. All it takes is a simple snap, and you're in business.

  • It Holds Your Phone without Hogging Your Dash: We designed the Automobio (TM) car mount so it'll fit right in with your interior décor. It doesn't take a lot of room on the dash or protrude into the passenger compartment. It's an elegant accessory that will clamp your phone without cramping your style.

  • Simple Installation: Either put the supplied metallic plate in between your phone and case, or stick the supplied adhesive plate directly on the back of your phone or case, and your phone will be attracted by the magnet. Once it clicks into position, you can quickly adjust it with one hand to your desired angle, and it’ll stay right there!
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee: We designed our secure phone holder to exceed the standards set by so many products on the market today. If the product isn't performing up to par for you, we'll gladly refund your entire purchase.

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