Automobio Intelligent Bluetooth Earbud

€19.99 + shipping

Listen to Your Music Without Being Tethered To Wires.
Enjoy clear, rich sound with only a single Automobio Intelligent Bluetooth Earbud or pair the earbud with its companion via a USB wire to enjoy full high-quality stereo sound.

Take Phone Calls From Anywhere Without Using Your Hands.
The built in microphone allows you to place or receive calls without having to reach for your phone every time. No need to pause whatever you are doing to take a call, whether that's jogging, bike riding or enjoying other sports and physical activities.

Outstanding Battery Life Gives You Unprecedented Freedom. 
Your wireless earbud can go 100 long hours in standby mode between charges, so it is always ready to go when you are. Talk for more than 6 hours without worrying about dropping a call. More than 4 hours of music time on a single charge exceeds what any other wireless earbud on the market offers. 


  • Extraordinary long-life battery: With a battery that gives you more than 4 hours of music time, 6 hours of talking time and up to 100 hours in standby mode, you'll find the Automobio Intelligent Bluetooth Earbud the best bluetooth headset available on the market at this price point.
  • Clear, crisp sound from mini wireless Bluetooth headphones: These noise cancelling headphones are ideal for everything from work to sports. They may just be the best running headphones you’ve ever experienced.
  • Hands free calling with built-in microphone: Don't miss a single phone call - while you are out jogging, driving, or when your hands are full. The earbud is convenient for typing notes while on business calls, so you never have to fumble with your phone while jotting down important information.
  • Pairs flawlessly with your Bluetooth devices: With the press of a single button, you can pair your earbud with a smartphone or any other bluetooth device from your car to wireless speakers. Connect the earbud to its companion via USB and the earbud becomes a bluetooth headset with microphone.
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee: Our Intelligent Bluetooth Earbud is designed to exacting standards and guaranteed to outperform other earbuds in its class. It comes with a 3-months no-questions-asked money back guarantee. You’re protected against mechanical defects for another 18-months.


Cut the Cords and Enjoy Wireless Freedom When You Purchase Your New Automobio Wireless Earbud Today!