Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the magnet affect my smartphone?

The magnets in our holder are too small to have any impact on the circuitry of smart phones. You can use the magnetic mount confidently without worrying about its effect on your phone. (Did you know that some big smartphone brands actually use magnetism in their covers?)

Note: If you search for "Magnets on Smartphones - Experiment to find the truth by FLYGRIP LABORATORIES" on youtube, you'll find a video that demonstrates the impact of magnets on smartphones. 

Will the magnet work through a case?

The magnet is strong enough to work very well through a thick or thin case, without causing any damage to your phone. All you need to do is position the metallic plate on the back of the case or in between the phone and the case and it will work without any problems. We've had many customers confirm their phone stays in position even while driving on pot-hole ridden roads!

What is the difference between the round and rectangular plate?

The round metallic plate sticks directly onto the back of your phone. The bigger rectangular plate is one that has to be placed between the phone and its case/cover.

Depending on whether you use a case or not, you can choose which plate you want to use.

Will the magnet affect my GPS?

No, the magnets that we use aren't big or powerful enough to affect either the GPS or the phone's circuitry. At worst, the compass of your smartphone will be temporarily affected, however this will not have any effect on your navigation apps. We have many happy customers who use a navigation app without any issues.